Definitions for "Chemicals"
n.: Noxious substances from which modern foods are made.
Industrial and non-industrial production facilities; includes pesticides production.
Substances applied to crops or feedstuffs such as pesticides, herbicides, surfactants or preservatives; substances applied to or fed to cattle such as ionophores, dips, sprays and medications. Most have strict application limits; all should be used in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer. All unused portions must be properly disposed.
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NUF Nufarm Limited ORI Orica Limited ICT Incitec Limited
a focused, commodity chemical company that produces ethylene, polyethylene, styrene monomer, and styrenic polymers, which are used in a wide range of consumer and industrial good
a world-leading supplier of proprietary coatings systems to the glass industry
Chemicals, laboratory chemicals, chemical blenders & chemical suppliers.
everything on earth is made up of the 103 known chemical elements, including rocks, mineral, air, water, plants & animals
minerals and vitamins
Chemicals is a progressive rock artist from New Orleans, Louisiana.
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a unit of ATOFINA, the fifth
Our award-winning Chemicals team has substantial experience in many chemical and economic cycles and delivers bespoke solutions.
All chemical compounds involved in the wood fiber industry's manufacturing output need to be identified and followed through the product life cycle. This process is being addressed by SCA and its manufacturing counterparts across the European Union.
a registered trademark of NOVA Brands Ltd
Healthcare & Biotechnology Property Trusts
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Chemicals are used to build ships and defenses. Chemical (type c) and raw material (type r) worlds produce chemicals.
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synthetic drugs