Definitions for "CheckSum"
CheckSum is a simple program for calculate most typical hashing function like md5 or sha
The information produced by a mathematical technique used to determine whether or not errors have been introduced into a data stream. Usually used for low-bit-rate data transmission. A checksum does not include forward error correction capabilities. Compare with syndrome.
Commonly used when downloading a program, and in error control protocols. The checksum is the result of a mathematical equation.
a digit that is the product of a series of mathematical operations on the first digits that help doublecheck that the other digits are correctly entered into a system when typed manually or barcode scanned
a mathematical derivation of the numbers which precede it, so running this mathematical calculation on the number in question will tell if it's valid
a mathematical function that computes a single, unique value for any input
a code which is unique for the file to which it belongs
a digital dictation recorders , speech recognition software, out of offline voice files
a "matching number" for checking files
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a simple computation performed on a piece of code to provide a digest, or "thumbprint," of a program
a value which is computed which allows you to check the validity of something
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a number that would almost certainly be different if the information were altered