Definitions for "Cheating"
Applies to tests and homework when students obtain help that is forbidden. See also Plagiarism
a deception for profit to yourself
The term cheating refers to an act of fraud or deception by trying to increase your mark or result in an exam or assignment. Quite often students understand the term's plagiarism and cheating to mean one and the same thing, but they are not. Even so there is one thing that cheating and plagiarism share in common, this being the fact that Colleges or Universities condone neither.
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A method of pushing a muscle to keep working far past the point at which it would normally fail to continue contracting due to excessive fatigue buildup. In cheating you will use a self-administered body swing, jerk, or otherwise poor exercise form once you have reached the failure point to take some of the pressure off the muscles and allow them to continue a set for two or three repetitions past failure.
Too much weight used on an exercise, therefore relying on surrounding muscle groups for assistance in the movement; or changing joint angles for more leverage, as in arching back in bench press.
Using momentum to "swing" the weights beyond the sticking point (see this term) in order to get a few more reps out of the set. Done right (cautiously and with knowledge) it can be beneficial, but can also be a great danger if abused. Only experienced trainers should even consider this technique. You can read more about cheating here.
When one party betrays another by violating the basic tenants of their relationship causing either gain for themselves or a loss for the other
Any form of unfair advantage a player gains over other gamers. Players caught cheating on Xtra Games face banning from the service. See Bot, Hack, Wallhack.
violating accepted standards or rules; "a dirty fighter"; "used foul means to gain power"; "a nasty unsporting serve"; "fined for unsportsmanlike behavior"
Cheating is a broad term (and a serious term) in the lifestyle. Many swingers are not bound to society's definition of cheating due to the communication and extenuating circumstances in any given relationship. Each grouping of people set their own rules, their own bounds and deviating from that is cheating.
Cheating, also known as exploitation, between organisms is a form of parasitism or specialized predation in which an organism engages in what appears to be a mutualistic relationship with another organism, but does not in fact provide any benefit to the other organism. The relationship between the organisms may be symbiotic, in which case cheating is a form of parasitism, or non-symbiotic, in which case cheating is a form of predation or herbivory.
not faithful to a spouse or lover; "adulterous husbands and wives"; "a two-timing boyfriend"
Having sex with others without your partners knowledge and/or consent.
Sexual activity with others without spouse's knowledge and consent
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Using GPS to bushwhack
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See Collusion...
Various practices by webmasters to falsely inflate commissions. This commonly consists of signing up for a pay-per-click-through program, placing the banner on a site, and repeatedly clicking it (either manually or automatically via a script or refresh) Sponsors have various systems in place to catch this by looking for patterns such as a very high ratio of click-throughs to total views, or a very low conversion rate, or many clicks coming from the same IP address or range of IPs. Sponsors will refuse to pay anyone accused of cheating.