Definitions for "Charm"
Anything worn for its supposed efficacy to the wearer in averting ill or securing good fortune.
Any small decorative object worn on the person, as a seal, a key, a silver whistle, or the like. Bunches of charms are often worn at the watch chain.
a decorative pendant or trinket that is worn on a bracelet, necklace or earring
A word or combination of words sung or spoken in the practice of magic; a magical combination of words, characters, etc.; an incantation.
To subdue, control, or summon by incantation or supernatural influence; to affect by magic.
To subdue or overcome by some secret power, or by that which gives pleasure; to allay; to soothe.
That which exerts an irresistible power to please and attract; that which fascinates; any alluring quality.
To attract irresistibly; to delight exceedingly; to enchant; to fascinate.
To act as, or produce the effect of, a charm; to please greatly; to be fascinating.
a property of certain quarks which may take the value of +1, -1 or 0.
An arbitrary name that corresponds to a property that distinguishes certain elementary particles, including types of quarks, from each other.
One " flavor" of quarks. Also known as the C quark.
a collection of herbs, gemstones and other tiny bits and pieces that are chosen for their specific energies to help with
a sentimental findings
a sentimental gemstone journey you can hold in
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A melody; a song.
an exceptional black mare with a drop dead gorgeous head and strongly-built body with lovely correct legs
a teeny-bopper, femmy-fem's dream, filled with songs about love, ache, and more love, but if you're not in the mood for adolescent attitude, maybe S
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To make music upon; to tune.
To make a musical sound.
Charm is the critically-acclaimed third studio album from American rapper/record producer Danny!. As evidenced in the title, Charm was a huge milestone in Danny's career; after two unsuccessful attempts to make a name for himself in the music world (2004's The College Kicked-Out and 2005's F.O.O.D.), the record unanimously won rave reviews, culminating in the inclusion of the album on the 49th Annual Grammy Awards nomination ballot and, eventually, a record deal with Definitive Jux Records. Widely touted as the strongest entry in his discography, Charm helped Danny achieve a moderate, albeit brief, buzz in the underground hip-hop community and become South Carolina's most heralded hip-hop artist to date.
Charm is a console-based, all-text client for LiveJournal, as well as Atom API blog sites like Movable Type and Blogger. It is written in Python. It supports a full array of posting and editing features, as well as other advanced features, including a ba
This skill is ones ability to charm and please with regards to entertainment. The skill denotes ones ability to host and entertain groups of individuals based on one's pleasant demeanor.
a wonderful personal campanion that you can wear from day to day
something believed to bring good luck
a physical object that becomes a conscious symbol for something else
a way of focusing intent to bring about something desired
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a sexy lady, who looks good in whatever she does, starting from her face, her body, and just how she treats others
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The act turning a mob into a pet to help fight on your side.
The quality that makes an audience enjoy watching a performer.
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induce into action by using one's charm; "She charmed him into giving her all his money"
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Chemical Hazard and Risk Management