Definitions for "Charlotte"
A kind of pie or pudding made by lining a dish with slices of bread, and filling it with bread soaked in milk, and baked.
A cold charlotte is made by lining a mold with sponge type cakes or biscuits such as ladyfingers which enclose a light filling such as a mousse or bavarian cream. Charlottes have been popular since the time of Careme, at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Traditionally, the mold used is smaller in diameter at the base than at the top. The other type of charlotte is served hot, in which a mold is lined with buttered bread slices and filled with sweetened fruit or fruit puree, baked and served with fruit sauce.
This molded dessert is composed of a filling surrounded by ladyfingers or bread. Apple charlotte is a golden-crusted dessert made by baking a thick apple compote in a mold lined with buttered bread. Cold charlottes are made in a ladyfinger-lined mold and filled with a Bavarian cream; for frozen charlottes, a frozen soufflé or mousse replaces the Bavarian cream.
the largest city in North Carolina; located in south central North Carolina
a city of dynamic growth with a metropolitan population of over a million people
official U.S. Mint at Charlotte, North Carolina that issued coins from 1838-1861. Mintmark “C.” cherrypick: buying a coin at a price way below its true value. This is where your knowledge can make you money
A young German skater, Charlotte Oelschlagel was the first performer to star in a Broadway ice show (1915) and the first skater to star in a motion picture ("The Frozen Warning", 1916). She also invented the "Death spiral" and was a celebrity who used only her first name.
The charlotte, pronounced 'shar-LOT', also known as the candle stick, is a figure skating spiral move. The skater bends forward and glides on one leg with the other one lifted into the air. The difference between a charlotte and a regular spiral is the position of the upper body; during a typical spiral, the skater's torso is upright, but during the charlotte, the skater's torso is as close to the grounded foot as possible.
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Small, waxy, yellow-fleshed potato, good for use in salads.
A small, waxy potato with a pale yellow skin and buttery...
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SNK's Samurai Shodown series of fighting games. She is voiced by by Harumi Ikoma. The character's physical design is based off Oscar François Jarjayes from the manga The Rose of Versailles, but the name is actually a distortion of the Japanese phonetic interpretation of Charlotte Corday.
Large woman's hat with tightly-gathered crown and flounced-covered brim named for Queen Charlotte of England.
Charlotte Kelly is a blind Rhythm and Blues singer and songwriter originally from Coventry, England.
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The Charlotte was a First Fleet transport ship, built on the Thames River in 1784, and weighing 345 tons. She was a heavy sailer, and had to be towed down the English Channel for the first few days of the voyage. Her master was Thomas Gilbert, and her surgeon was John White, principal surgeon to the colony.
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a bead with one flat face or facet ground onto its surface. (somewhat rare)
A round bead with a facet ground on one side. These beads sparkle in beadwork.
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feminine pet form of the name "charles".