Definitions for "Charitable gift annuity"
a fixed sum of money paid by a charity, at certain intervals, for the life of the annuitant(s), or for a term of years, in exchange for a donation of cash or other property.
A contract between the donor and the Brooklyn College Foundation that provides benefits to both. A gift of $10,000 or more to the foundation will provide a guaranteed income for life for the donor and/or a second person (when both are at least sixty years of age) and a charitable income tax deduction.
A contract under which Lehigh, in exchange for a donation of cash or marketable securities, promises to pay a fixed dollar amount (an annuity) to the annuitant and a second annuitant, if any, for life (lives) with payments to start immediately or at some set future time.
an excellent supplement to a retirement plan
an excellent way to support Hillel while ensuring
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a popular form of giving for its simplicity and
a contractual arrangement between you and the Center
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a tax-wise strategy, too
a transfer of money or other assets to the foundation
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a type of trust