Definitions for "Chargeback"
This occurs when a surfer cancels his or her membership with a sponsor via a credit card company. Chargebacks will result in cancellation of referral fees paid to the webmaster.
Issued by the credit card firm and identifies the transaction as being invalid, non-collectible, fraudulent, disputed or by other reason revoked or reversed.
A customer dispute over a specific charge to their payment card. The merchant is notified of the dispute, a must respond to the chargeback, offering proof of validity for the transaction.
Deduction taken by a customer on the remittance advice (documentation) sent with the customerâ€(tm)s check. These can be sent to us either authorized or unauthorized, but ultimately need to be approved.
a coupon that has been returned by the coupon clearing center for a particular reason
A deposited item that did not clear the bank off of which it was drawn. Chargebacks are submitted twice prior to being returned to you.
A chargeback is a fine of about 10-15$ that you pay to the third party payment processor or bank fee when a buyer cancels a sale. Chargebacks will also result in cancellation of any referral fees paid to the webmaster.
Chargeback refers to an assessment levied by the State on another government or other entity (e.g., a public authority, a private-sector enterprise, a trade association, or a nonprofit organization) for payment of costs incurred by the State in administering an activity or program on behalf of such government or entity. It may also refer to an assessment by one State agency against another.
reversal of payment that is accompanied with a fine imposed. – amount paid by the member for his/her membership.
A method for allocating costs within an organization that allocates indirect costs to departments based on a department's usage.
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a last resort not an initial course of action
A manufacturer's bill to a retailer if the retailer fails to meet stated performance requirements.
a required repayment of a portion of the moving expenses for non-qualified expenses paid by the University to the new employee or to a third party on behalf of the new employee