Definitions for "Charge Back"
is a disputed charge on customers credit card statement. Usually treated like a stop payment.
Reversing an invoice
The process of taking back, or debiting, the merchant's credit card funds after the funds have been paid to the merchant. This occurs when a customer disputes a credit card transaction. The merchant must respond to the charge back and provide proof that the product or service was provided to the customer.
The portion of the ceding commission which is returned in the event of an early lapse.
An incomplete sales transaction (i.e. merchandise is purchased rather than returned) that results in an affiliate commission deduction.
an affiliate commission deduction resulting from an incomplete or invalid sales transaction. Depending on how a commission structure is set up, charge backs may appear on varied periods in an affiliate's commission sheet report.
A penalty, for an agreed upon amount, assessed by retail customer to a supplier for not following vendor procedures established in the contract with the retailer.
The funds a carrier will "charge back" to an agent or dealer if a customer discontinues service shortly after buying a product.
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Occurs when you cash or deposit a check drawn on another account and it is returned against your Bank of Oklahoma account.
The process of assessing and assigning the costs of a system to the departments that use it.