Definitions for "Chaplain"
An ecclesiastic who has a chapel, or who performs religious service in a chapel.
A clergyman who is officially attached to the army or navy, to some public institution, or to a family or court, for the purpose of performing divine service.
Any person (clergyman or layman) chosen to conduct religious exercises for a society, etc.; as, a chaplain of a Masonic or a temperance lodge.
a thing so diminutive and inconsiderable, that how he should come here among matters of so great concernment, to take such room up in the discourses of a prince, if it be not wondered, is to be smiled at
Keywords:  reverent, troop, scout, guidance, youth
Adult member of the Troop Committee who provides guidance to scouts related to observance of the 12th point of the Scout Law - A Scout is Reverent. This adult works with the Chaplain Aide, a youth leader.
a class-taught student who can give successful Christian Science treatment and can present its teaching compassionately to those who have had no previous contact with Christian Science
a confidential listening ear and a caring trusted friend
an important person in a long-term care facility