Definitions for "Chaotic"
Irregular motion of a dynamical system that is deterministic, sensitive to initial conditions, and impossible to predict in the long term with anything less than an infinite and perfect representation of analog values.
of or relating to a sensitive dependence on initial conditions
A system is said to be chaotic if it is deterministic and also possesses the following two characteristics: 1) Aperiodic long term behaviour. 2) Sensitive dependence to initial conditions. The second prediction makes long-term prediction infeasible in real situations.
Chaotic, part of the Women of the Otherworld series, is a novella written by Kelley Armstrong. It was published in an anthology of supernatural-themed novellas, called "Dates From Hell." This novella takes place between Haunted and Broken in the Women of the Otherworld series.
Whether Chaos is to be understood as a void or a primordial, formless, undifferentiated, and seething mass out of which the order of the universe is created, it is the starting point of creation. This unformed beginning is contrasted with later creation, a universe called the cosmos, a desgination meaning, literally, harmony or order. The sky and the stars, the earth and its creatures, and the laws and cycles which direct and control creation seem to exhibit the balance, order, and reason which the mind discerns in the natural world. For us chaos, together with its adjective chaotic, simply means a state of confusion. See cosmos.
lacking a visible order or organization
Chaotic is a song from American pop music-singer Britney Spears, soundtrack of the 'Britney and Kevin: Chaotic' show. It was included on a bonus CD included in the DVD set of the show. Later the song was also included onto the Japanese edition of the "Someday (I Will Understand)" CD single.
Chaotic is a trading card game and a television program on 4KIDS (Fox affiliates, nationwide). It is created by 4 Kids Entertainment and Chaotic USA Entertainment Group, and produced by 4 Kids Productions and Bardel Entertainment. The trading card game will come out early 2007.
A roleplaying personality type. 'I haven't tried that before - I'll do it and see what happens.' Someone with no sense of team play.
Resembling chaos; confused.
completely unordered and unpredictable and confusing
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