Definitions for "Channeling"
(a form of communication of spirit or ones higher self through human form)
The act of serving as a vessel for non-physical entities while in a trance state in order to facilitate communication.
We are all potential vehicles for channeling spiritual energies...whether it is our own Higher Self energies or other etheric Beings. Channeling can take many forms - from "automatic writing" to telepathic communications to simply "knowing." As one raises personal vibration, expands consciousness and clears personal energy fields, there is an increasing level in the quality and clarity of these etheric communications.
Refers to the non-standard flow of water through a D.E. or sand filter wherein the liquid follows the pathway of least resistance rather than passing uniformly throughout the medium bed. Channeling does not permit uniform filtration of the water passing through the filter.
n: when casing is being cemented in a borehole, the cement slurry can fail to rise uniformly between the casing and the borehole wall, leaving spaces, or channels, devoid of cement. Ideally, the cement should completely and uniformly surround the casing and form a strong bond to the borehole wall. See cement channeling.
This occurs when voids are created in the packing material of a column. It results in the mobile phase and accompanying solutes moving more rapidly than the average flow velocity producing band broadening. These voids are created by poor packing or by erosion of the packed bed.
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A channel or a system of channels; a groove.
A grooved or furrowed effect.
A grooved or creased effect.
rivers lined with concrete, Meant to protect the watershed from toxins, but channelization hastens flooding, as there's no soil or plants to absorb excess water.
Cutting, chipping or routing a prescribed sectional area in a linear pattern on any surface, usually in concrete or plaster.
This occurs when you open the chakras to create a channel through which light can flow, the energy can be channeled out through the hands for healing
The ability to direct Divine energy through ones physical self to another person, place, event, animal, plant or whatever is desired. (Also see Healing Channels and Divination Channels).
Dropping and remounting the body over the frame rails by cutting the floor and body/frame mounting points away from the body. The floor remains stock height and metal is added to cover the vertical difference created by the drop.
Buckling of the emulsion caused by base shrinkage.
The illegal practice of directing people to, or away from, certain areas or neighborhoods because of minority status; Steering. See Fair Housing.
Use of incentives and plan design to encourage members to utilize network providers.
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A training method in which the weave poles are spread apart and linked with wire or string, creating a channel.
The act or process of forming a channel or channels.
the act of receiving information from an outside source.
The act of allowing an intelligence not in human form to express through oneself.
The short-circuit movement of water through a treatment train or vessel that severely diminishes its overall treatment efficiency.
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swimming along, deep, narrow body of water.