Definitions for "Chandelier"
A candlestick, lamp, stand, gas fixture, or the like, having several branches; esp., one hanging from the ceiling.
Surface mounted ceiling fixture with lighted arms.
branched lighting fixture; often ornate; hangs from the ceiling
A chandelier is often the focal point of the dining room. As such it should be hung about 30" above the tabletop and should be at least 6" narrower than the table on each side.
a great way to set the tone and focal point for a
an elegant addition to a dining room or entryway
A movable parapet, serving to support fascines to cover pioneers.
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a type of pendant, only more so
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a great way to set the tone scones and scones
a big investment so it is necessary for a homeowner to be able to replace defective parts
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a work of art
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