Definitions for "Chambers"
The private room or office of a judge.
The private office of a judge, usually close to the courtroom so that the judge can enter the court from behind the bench and not encounter people on the way.
Independent barristers are self-employed, but are usually grouped together to form chambers. Every chambers has an experienced barrister at its head, a number of members of varying seniority and usually a clerk who is responsible for distributing work among members. Members are also known as tenants.
There are hundreds of underground manmade stone chambers in Massachusetts of unknown origin and conjectured purpose. There is much debate and controversy over this. Everything from Irish Culdee Monks to Colonial's root cellars to Native American construction has been proposed. From inside, some of these chambers view significant celestial events, and most are tall enough to stand up in.
Open-bottomed precast concrete or plastic structures, which are placed next to each other in an excavation to take the place of crushed stone in a leach field. Unlike leach fields, heavy-duty chambers can be driven over.
Electroporation and Electrofusion Chambers are the devices used to contain the cells/molecules to be fused/transfected. The chambers include the electrodes through which the pulse generators deliver the electric field to the cells. These include cuvettes as well as various fusion chambers and specialty electrodes.
Shorthand for The Chambers Dictionary.
a British dictionary ( Chambers 20th Century Dictionary), often the reference for British cryptic crosswords. Though not used as an NPL reference, it occasionally pops up in GotS discussions.
sets of rooms within the Inn usually situated on either side of a central staircase. Leased by Inn to members (and in some instances to non-members) for business or residential purposes. Bench chambers: chambers reserved for Benchers (qv)
The two meeting places of the House and Senate where the formal businessof the day is conducted. Chamber galleries are open to the public.
an enclosed space. The heart is divided into four chambers. The upper chambers are called the right and left atrium, and the lower chambers are called the right and left ventricle.
An enclosed space in the body of an organism or a cavity. In this instance, the four compartments of the heart. Reference: H1
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