Definitions for "Challis"
A soft and delicate woolen, or woolen and silk, fabric, for ladies' dresses.
High-quality, lightweight, especially soft fabric made with tightly spun worsted yarns and a plain weave, although sometimes a twill weave is used. Originally printed with small floral designs, now also made in plain colors and dark all-over prints. Used for scarves, blouses, and dresses.
(shal' E): a soft, lightweight, usually printed fabric of wool, cotton, etc; sometimes referred to as nun's-veiling, see below
Challis is a lunar crater that is located in the northern regions of the Moon's near side, close enough to the limb to appear significantly foreshortened when viewed from the Earth. It is joined to the Main crater through a break in the northern rim, and is close to Scoresby crater along the southeast side.