Definitions for "Challenge"
An exception to a person as not legally qualified to vote. The challenge must be made when the ballot is offered.
To take exception to; question; as, to challenge the accuracy of a statement or of a quotation.
To object to or take exception to, as to a juror, or member of a court.
The act of a sentry in halting any one who appears at his post, and demanding the countersign.
A claim or demand.
An exception to a juror or to a member of a court martial, coupled with a demand that he should be held incompetent to act; the claim of a party that a certain person or persons shall not sit in trial upon him or his cause.
An invitation to engage in a contest or controversy of any kind; a defiance; specifically, a summons to fight a duel; also, the letter or message conveying the summons.
To call to a contest of any kind; to call to answer; to defy.
To call, invite, or summon to answer for an offense by personal combat.
The act of disputing one or more words of your opponent's play. When a challenge is made, the clock is neutralized and the word or words are looked up. See Word Judging.
A reader-posted request/ challenge to write a fic including certain words, events or episodes.
The act of questioning the validity of a word or words made by an opponent. During competitive play, a player shouts "Challenge!’’ to indicate that he is challenging a play, and a word judge looks up the suspect word and issues a ruling.
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The opening and crying of hounds at first finding the scent of their game.
an offer by a Commissioner, the creator of an etopps game, to join the game
The hound which first gives tongue on striking the scent of a fox, can be said to 'challenge', or 'open'.
To administer virulent virus to a test animal that has previously been vaccinated, to check whether the vaccine was effective, and immunity has been established.
In vaccine experiments, the deliberate exposure of an immunized animal or person to the infectious agent.
In vaccine experiments, the deliberate exposure of an immunized animal to the infectious agent. Challenge experiments are never done in human HIV vaccine research.
Challenge is a 1984 Telugu film directed by A. Kodandarami Reddy. It stars Chiranjeevi, Suhasini, and Vijayashanti in the lead roles.
a fun way to explore new directions in creativity
a highly popular initiative intended to encourage students to pursue chartered accountancy as a profession," says Duane Soares, the Institute's director of career information
A student may receive course credit by passing a challenge assessment by the end of the first two weeks of the semester, provided the student has submitted evidence in support of the request. A student who is not successful in the challenge assessment must take the course. No re-writes of a challenge assessment will be permitted. A Challenge Grade Request form must be submitted, along with all the relevant documentation, as indicated in the Academic Procedures Manual, for approval by the College Director. (Challenge Grade Request forms are available in the College Academic or Student Services Office.)
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an obstacle that prevents positive changes on parts of society, the economy, or the environment
Magazine An archive for the UCLA Challenge Magazine (UCLA's Research Magazine), which was published from 1996 - 1999.
Challenge was a role-playing game magazine published by Game Designers' Workshop between 1986 and 1996. Announced in Journal of the Travellers Aid Society No. 22, the new (at the time unnamed) magazine) was going to expand JTAS to a larger format (8.5x11) and was expand coverage to GDW's new game and other games. The larger size was to allow printing more interesting things, like deck plans or sector maps which would not fit in the smaller JTAS format.
a multicultural (nine nationalities) and multitalented team determined to capture the America's Cup and take it to France
a practical task that can be completed by a team of volunteers
a predictable slog through all the NBA teams all over the US, region by region
a formal, written complaint filed with a library or school requesting that materials be removed because of content or appropriateness
a formal, written complaint requesting a book be removed from library shelves or school curriculum
a written complaint by parents, library users or others who ask that a book be removed from a public or school library
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Within Ron Edwards' Big Model, the Situation of play in the Gamist context -- specifically, adversity or imposed risk to player-characters of any kind. References: Gamism: Step On Up
a frame where you are put in a situation where you must work for something that is "prized" to you, to use Swinggcat terminology
a logical cause or effect of the situation in the Future Scene
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To censure; to blame.
the aim of this test is to determine whether an antigen is indeed responsible for the allergy. The patient is placed in the presence of a suspected allergen and if the reaction occurs, it is concluded that the allergen used is indeed responsible for the cause. This test can be oral, nasal, or bronchial but in all cases, it is performed under strict medical monitoring.
when antigen is given intentionally to previously sensitized individuals in order to evoke and assess the allergic response.
Essentially an I dare you, in which the hypnotist challenges the client to perform some act which it is impossible for the client to do at his/her depth in the hypnotic state. Examples are the eye challenge and the arm rigidity challenge.
The undocumented "back door" path to elite status in the AAdvantage program. There are currently two versions - Gold and Platinum - that, upon completion, will result in your membership level being increased to Gold or Platinum respectively. See the Challenge page for more information.
a feature that is only available to Gold players
an attempt to remove or restrict library materials on the basis of the objections of a person or group
an attempt to remove or restrict material
an attempt to remove or restrict materials, based upon the objections of a person or group
Grant: A grant that must be matched with money raised by the recipient.
issue a challenge to; "Fischer challenged Spassky to a match"
a match yet to be played
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a couple of other than in The NSAID or esomeprazole per cent year old
a goal that, while difficult to achieve, is worthwhile and meaningful to that individual
a practical task that helps out a local community organisation
an interesting or difficult problem or task; a request for information or proof.
a predicament that the business is experiencing
when either party disagrees in writing with the review results because the guideline calculation contained alleged inaccurate information. The parties' right to challenge is included in the Post Review Notice or the Administrative Process, Notice of Financial Responsibility for Review and Adjustment.
a field test created by the government and is intended to accelerate research and development in autonomous ground vehicles that will help save American lives on the battlefield
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a great way to spur interest in activity and boost morale
a topic submitted with more or less details that others can accept and develop into a real fanfiction
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Server Initiated Ping
A series of large, fast network servers built by Silicon Graphics, Incorporated. The Challenge XL series are one of the fastest of this series. Return
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a private showdown between two members
ask for identification; "The illegal immigrant was challenged by the border guard"
a numerical value, usually generated at random, issued to a token to be used as a basis for the token to prove its authenticity
a designated period of time during which we are focusing our attention on building a particular healthy habit
a competition to create a block or quilt using specified fabrics or patterns.
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an opportunity
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a building block to good life
a good thing
a really good structure for weight loss
a means of querying the current holder of the IP address to see whether it still is using it
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Snow has challenged the people for many years.
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