Definitions for "Chaff"
when roasting, the paper like substance akin to peanut skin.
A flake of skin that still coats the coffee bean after processing but separates during roasting.
The silver skin on the green coffee bean that peels off during roasting.
Radar confusion reflectors, which consist of thin, narrow metallic strips of various lengths and frequency responses, used to reflect echoes for confusion purposes. Fr: plaquettes de brouillage
Lightweight reflecting material, typically consisting of aluminum foil strips or metal-coated fibers, that is released in the atmosphere to produce radar echoes. Initially developed as a military countermeasure, chaff is used in meteorological research to enable tracking of air motions in conditions with no natural airborne scatterers or to provide stronger echoes than those from natural scatterers.
A combination of metalic particles and heat flares which can be deployed around a VT to confuse the targeting systems of guided missiles. Each chaff unit is only effective against a single missile salvo.
The glumes or husks of grains and grasses separated from the seed by threshing and winnowing, etc.
The husks of wheat grain separted during threshing.
Grain husks.
Light jesting talk; banter; raillery.
To use light, idle language by way of fun or ridicule; to banter.
To make fun of; to turn into ridicule by addressing in ironical or bantering language; to quiz.
The scales or bracts on the receptacle, which subtend each flower in the heads of many Compositæ, as the sunflower.
Thin dry scales.
n. (AS. ceaf, chaff) dry scales or bracts, as those on the receptacle subtending the flowers in the heads of certain Compositae.
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Straw or hay cut up fine for the food of cattle.
hay or straw cut into short lengths and used to add bulk to feeds
Finely chopped hay used to add bulk to the feed.
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be silly or tease one another; "After we relaxed, we just kidded around"
Call indicating chaff has been detected or to deploy chaff.(Düppel)
Anything of a comparatively light and worthless character; the refuse part of anything.