Definitions for "CGI script"
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Script that extends the functionality of html by enabling web server software to communicate with database programs running on server computers.
( Common Gateway Interface) A small program written in a script language such as Perl that functions as the glue between HTML pages and other programs on the web server. For example, a CGI script would allow search data entered on a web page to be sent to the DBMS (database management system). It would also format the results of that search onto an HTML page, which is sent back to the user. CGI scripts have been the initial mechanism used to make websites interact with databases and other programs.
An external applicaton that is executed by an HTTP server in response to an action you perform in a Web browser, such as clicking a link, image, or another interactive element of a Web page.
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Glossary of Terms
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Often combined with a fill-in form to collect and process the data entered by the user.