Definitions for "CFO"
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hief inancial fficer. See CEO, COO.
Collateralised Fund Obligations
Collateralized fund obligation. A type of collateralized debt obligation (CDO) that is backed by zero-coupon bonds to fund the purchase of shares in hedge funds, private-equity funds or multi-manager vehicles known as funds of funds. From the fund manager's standpoint, such issues serve as a source of long-term capital and behave much like funds of funds that purchase shares of their vehicles. Fund managers can earn arbitrage profits on the returns that are left after CFO holders have been made whole. CFOs are often structured as zero-coupon bonds that make lump-sum payments by redeeming the underlying fund-of-fund shares at maturity. Others have been arranged as convertible issues.
The CFO is the senior manager responsible for overseeing the financial activities...
the corporate executive having financial authority to make appropriations and authorize expenditures for a firm
CFO is a monthly magazine published by The Economist Group launched in the United States in 1985 for CFOs and other financial executives in companies around the country. According to CFO's website, the magazine reaches 559,000 readers worldwide, including almost 280,000 senior financial executives.
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Control Flow Optmization
Abbreviation for Centerfold Out.
Abbreviation for "Center Fold Out."
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Cancel Former Order.
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Co-financing Organisation