Definitions for "Cervix"
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The neck; also, the necklike portion of any part, as of the womb. See Illust. of Bird.
Opening of the uterus, located at the top of the vagina
Neck of womb which opens gradually during labour for delivery of baby.
Mammography Squamous
Mammography Retrospective
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Laryngeal Saccharin
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Intravenous Pylorus
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Malignancy Seminoma
a part of a woman's sexual organs, found at the end of the vaginal canal. In some STI's an infection here may lead to cancer.
10 to 20cm long with transverse folds which are continuous with the vaginal mucous membrane. Transverse folds form a "corkscrew."
Improper production of cervical mucus can prevent pregnancy. Rarely the sole cause of infertility.
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