Definitions for "CERVICAL"
relating to the cervix, the opening into the uterus or womb
Having to do with the neck (cervical spine) or the cervix of the uterus.
Uppermost neck region of the spinal cord and vertebral column.
Lithium Selenium
Mesenchymal Selenium
Macrophage Selenium
Mammogram Remission
Lymphocytic Remission
Immunohistochemistry Rodenticides
Isoflavones Sigmoidoscope
Keywords:  synergistic
Keywords:  neonatal
Lithotripsy Spectrum
Lupus Spectrum
Influenza Spectrum
Keywords:  laparoscopy
Keywords:  symptomatic
Keywords:  prophylaxis, infarction
Infarction Prophylaxis
Keywords:  innervation, propulsive
Innervation Propulsive
Keywords:  intracellular, relapse
Intracellular Relapse
Insecticides Rheumatology
Keywords:  sarcoma
Keywords:  idiopathic, sclerosis
Idiopathic Sclerosis
Keywords:  intrahepatic, punishment
Intrahepatic Punishment
Keywords:  laparoscopes
Keywords:  squamous
Keywords:  lindane, sulfur
Lindane Sulfur
Keywords:  streptozocin, insulin
Insulin Streptozocin
Keywords:  rheumatoid
Levorphanol Stabilization
Keywords:  larynx
Intestinal Superinfection
Localization Sclerotherapy
Keywords:  melanoma, sympathetic
Melanoma Sympathetic
Keywords:  juniper, species
Juniper Species
Keywords:  sinusitis, molecular
Molecular Sinusitis
Keywords:  lactation, spices
Lactation Spices
Keywords:  malformation, seizures
Malformation Seizures
Keywords:  serum, lymphoma
Lymphoma Serum
Keywords:  interstitial, receptor
Interstitial Receptor
Keywords:  lumbar, stomach
Lumbar Stomach
Keywords:  adjective
Keywords:  irrigation, rigidity
Irrigation Rigidity
Keywords:  manifest, sweat
Manifest Sweat
Keywords:  sneezing, localization
Localization Sneezing
Keywords:  topical, membrane
Membrane Topical
Keywords:  prostate