Definitions for "Certificates"
Tenant-based Section 8 assistance, which the tenant may take with him or her to different properties and even different states. The monthly rent subsidy paid to the landlord on behalf of the tenant is based on a formula: the difference between the resident's actual rent (up to a maximum, usually the FMR) and the family's affordable rent (30% of income). If the resident's income decreases, he or she may seek a reduction in their portion of the rent and an increase in the amount paid from the Section 8 subsidy. If their income increases, their share of the rent will increase after their income is recertified, which occurs annually. Effective October 1, 1999, all Section 8 certificates are being merged into the voucher program.
The top section of one of these sheets is the counterfoil and the bottom section is the voucher. Sheets are issued in sets. A yellow set for leaving or re-entering Canada, a white set for entering or exiting a foreign country, and a blue (transit) set for passing through or stopping over in one country in order to enter another.
Various countries or regions have film classification boards for reviewing movies and rating their content in terms of its suitability for particular audiences. For many countries, movies are required to be advertised as having a particular "certificate"
US paper money circulated as a receipt for silver or gold coin. The US silver certificates are the best known. The redemption privilege was revoked by congress on 14 June 1968.
The law requires that a certificate be issued to prove that a policy is in force. The certificate is a statement of coverage taking the place of the policy as evidence of insurance.
An essential but costly part of genealogical research. Each State and Territory of Australia issues it own birth, death, and marriage certificates.
To be awarded a Certificate of Achievement or a Certificate of Completion, each student must meet all of the criteria fisted under graduation requirements in the catalogue under which the student wishes to receive a certificate.
An award given at the completion of specific career training programs. Having a certificate means that the student is qualified to enter the workforce in a particular career area. A certificate requires fewer credit hours to complete than an associate's degree.
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In days of yore, legal title to a shareholding was denoted by a paper share certificate. They are easy to lose. It is more common these days for brokers to offer a nominee service.
Certificates are the traditional way of holding shares and means your shares will be in paper format.
A document showing details of units held within a Unit Trust or Shares or Bonds.
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See GPA certificates.
Assertions about keys, the entities or packages to which they correspond, and the kinds of claims those keys can credibly certify. Certificates are used at run-time to determine a class's set of capabilities.
A data structure containing the public key of an end entity and some other information, which is digitally signed with the private key of the CA that issued it
Electronic documents that bind a user's or device's name to its public key. Certificates are commonly used to validate a digital signature.
See Digital Certificates
A digital certificate is the electronic equivalent of a driver's license, passport or membership card, ensuring that the company who possesses a certificate is an authenticated company - thus retaining the highest level of security.
Provides authenticity to a website when it is attempting to download software to your browser. Users should carefully examine the certificate to determine whether they trust the site to download software.