Definitions for "Certificate request"
A certificate request, which consists of three parts: certification request information, a signature algorithm identifier, and a digital signature on the certification request information. The certification request information consists of the subject's distinguished name, public key, and an optional set of attributes. The attributes may provide additional information about the subject identity, such as postal address, or a challenge password by which the subject entity may later request certificate revocation. See PKCS #10
A specially formatted electronic message (sent to a CA) used to request a certificate. The request must contain the information required by the CA to authenticate the request, plus the public key of the entity requesting the certificate. All the information necessary to create the request is mapped to a CERT_REQUEST_INFO structure.
A request containing a user's public key, distinguished name (DN), and other data that is submitted to a Certificate Authority (CA) in order to receive a certificate.
a structure, which contain information about an applicant of a certificate service