Definitions for "Certificate of Creditable Coverage"
A certificate from your prior health insurance carrier describing how much creditable coverage you have and stating when your prior coverage ended.
A document that provides proof of your previous medical coverage.
A certificate of creditable coverage is intended to help you and your dependents in case you lose or change health plan coverage. Under a federal law known as HIPAA, you or your dependents may need evidence of coverage to reduce a pre-existing condition exclusion period under another plan, to help get special enrollment in another plan, or to get certain types of individual health coverage even if you have health problems. When you change health care coverage, or if you or your dependents lose coverage under a health plan, the plan sponsor is usually required to provide written certification of how long you and your dependents were covered under that plan. You or your dependents can also request a certificate of creditable coverage if one is not automatically provided to you.