Definitions for "Certificate of compliance"
A document confirming that at the time of assessment the product or service met the stated requirements.
a confirmation from The City of Calgary, that the location of the building(s) on the site comply with the requirements of the Land Use Bylaw
a legal document which certifies that a parcel of land complies with the Subdivision Map Act
A certificate issued by the installing plumber basically guaranteeing that the plumbing is in accordance with the plumbing regulations.
A certificate issued by a Regulatory Authority attesting the Good Manufacturing Practices compliance of a site in that country. In Canada, the CoC is issued by the Inspectorate.
A certificate issued by UL indicating that a product has been Listed (or other) and is eligible to bear the UL Mark. This certificate can facilitate acceptance of UL certified products and is issued only to the Applicant responsible for the product.
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a requirement of the New York City Housing Maintenance Code which provides that when any violations of the Housing Maintenance Code have been corrected, they shall be certified at one time to the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD). Such certification shall be in writing , under oath by the registered owner, a registered officer or director of a corporate owner or by the registered managing agent. The wilful making of a false certification of correction of a violation is subject to a monetary penalty.
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The certification of goods or services by a third party or trusted supplier to a specification or agreement.
A document signed by an authorised party affirming that the supplier of a product or service has met the requirements of the relevant specifications, contract, or regulation.
A supplier's certification stating the supplies or services in question meet certain specified requirements.
The approval of the FCC that must be obtained before a cable system can carry television broadcast signals.
Formal recognition that an item is approved for addition to the Qualified Parts List and conforms to military regulations.
Commonly used synonymously with "zoning permit" in which an official certifies that the plans for a proposed use are in conformance with the zoning ordinance.
an important component of the licensing system