Definitions for "Ceremony"
Ar act or series of acts, often of a symbolical character, prescribed by law, custom, or authority, in the conduct of important matters, as in the performance of religious duties, the transaction of affairs of state, and the celebration of notable events; as, the ceremony of crowning a sovereign; the ceremonies observed in consecrating a church; marriage and baptismal ceremonies.
Behavior regulated by strict etiquette; a formal method of performing acts of civility; forms of civility prescribed by custom or authority.
A formal act or set of acts performed usually for religious purposes.
A ceremonial symbols; an emblem, as a crown, scepter, garland, etc.
an appropriate way to present the Lions Young Leaders in Service Awards
a way to give symbolic form to that which has no form
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A sign or prodigy; a portent.
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Ceremony is an album by The Cult that was first released on 10 September 1991. The album was heavily inspired by Native American culture. The band was sued for US$61,000,000 by the parents of the American Indian boy, named Eternity Dubray, pictured on the album cover.
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Predicts the sincerity of your friends.
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a book in which a great deal is written
Ceremony is a song written by Joy Division and recorded by New Order.
diversify induce optimism standard x-axis
a gathering of people for a program, usually serious in nature, for a specific purpose
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a powerful start
a powerful means to communicate with program participants