Definitions for "Cerebral"
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Leucine Spasticity
Lumbar Spasticity
Mandible Spastic
Of or pertaining to the cerebrum.
Means "pertaining to the cerebrum."
The term cerebral refers to the portion of the brain that comprises mainly the central hemisphere (cerebral cortex and basal ganglia).
Neuromuscular Symptomatic
Localization Symptomatic
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Intestinal Selenium
Larva Selenium
Localization Sclerosis
Localization Semantics
Liposome Sclerosis
Kanamycin Symptomatology
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Cerebral (born Matthew Wingate Tuozzo on July 6, 1974 in Prospect Park, Pennsylvania) is an American musician who records a variety of genres, but concentrates mostly in the range of ambient and IDM genres.
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Lymphokines Somatic
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Interstitial Sublingual
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Lorazepam Steroid
Intravenous Reconstitution
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Interferons Saliva
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Neuronal Subclinical
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Housekeeping Receptor
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Innervation Stomach
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Lymphocyte Regimen
involving intelligence rather than emotions or instinct; "a cerebral approach to the problem"; "cerebral drama"
intellectual rather then emotional.
One of a class of lingual consonants in the East Indian languages. See Lingual, n.
Complex and begging careful attention and analysis. Frequently also implies that such analysis is difficult.
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Malignant Spectrum
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Intrinsic Systemic
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Referring to the cerebrum.