Definitions for "Ceramide"
A complex lipid. An example is glucocerebroside, which is composed of ceramide and glucose.
An N acyl sphingosine (amino alcohol), the lipid moiety of glycosphingolipids.
Ceramide is a complex lipid which can be found in the cytoplasm and the plasma membrane. It is produced by the breakdown of sphingomyelin by sphingomyelinases, a process which is enhanced during TNF and CD 95 ligand induced cell death. It appears that ceramide acts as a second messenger which can mediate apoptosis by the activation of certain kinases.
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Ceramide is naturally found in the skin. Ceramide creates a moisture barrier and an environment within the skin to combat the visible signs of aging and protect against dryness. Putting into the skin exactly what it manufactures provides unprecedented anti-aging skincare benefits.
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A type of fat produced in the body. It may cause some types of cells to die and is being studied in cancer treatment.
A kind of fat found in the body. Studies suggest it may cause certain other cells to die, and is being tested by cancer researchers. (We will not offer skin care or soap products that contain this ingredient. Yuck!)