Definitions for "CEO"
Chief Executive Officer. The executive who is responsible for a companys operations,...
Central Executive Officer
Chief Operation officer
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hief xecutive fficer. See CFO, COO.
The official recipient of Title I CARE Act funds within the EMA, usually the mayor or chair of the county board of supervisors. The CEO is ultimately responsible for administering all aspects of the CARE Act in the EMA and ensuring that all legal requirements are met. In EMAs with more than one political jurisdiction, the recipient of Title I CARE Act funds is the CEO of the city or urban county that administers the public health agency that provides outpatient and ambulatory services to the greatest number of people with AIDS in the EMA.
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a good song if you can get past the dance type beat and listen to what Boots Riley is really saying
Resilient, Functioning and Restored Natural Ecosystems
Career Enhancement Opportunities
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Creative Employment Options
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Citizen Enforcement Order
Center for Earth Observation
Close Earth Orbit.
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