Definitions for "Centroid"
The center of mass, inertia, or gravity of a body or system of bodies.
An assumed point in a zone that represents the origin or destination of all trips to and from the zone.
The geographic center of a piece of geography. For example, a ZIP Code centroid is the point in the middle of a ZIP Code. Each polygon has one centroid.
a list of (template name, attribute name, token) tuples with duplicate removed
a list of tuples, (i
a set of word lists, one for each attribute existing in the database
An index object describing an index This is a way to describe abstract index information or a 'summary' held by a search engine or index server
A type of index information used in the Whois++ standard and possibly used in an integrated Directory Service.
an inverted index-style representation of database content
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See cluster centroid.
A data file containing, as minimum, a list of components with reference designator, coordinates and rotation.
position and shape information for image detected in SM, SC or UV