Definitions for "Centrifugal compressor"
A dynamic compressor. A machine in which air or gas is compressed by the mechanical action of rotating vanes or impellers imparting velocity and pressure to the air or gas. In a centrifugal compressor, flow is in a radial direction. Air enters the compressor through the machine mounted inlet control valve and flows to the first stage where the impeller imparts velocity energy to the air. The air then proceeds through a diffuser section which converts the velocity energy to pressure energy. A multistage centrifugal compressor is a machine having two or more of these stages. ( 099)
A type of compressor used in vapor compression refrigeration cycles where a rotating impeller is the device which compresses the refrigerant vapor. The vapor is drawn into the impeller axially, and is discharged radially after energy is added to the vapor within the impeller.
A centrifugal compressor compresses air or gas by means of mechanical rotating rotating vanes or impellers.