Definitions for "Central city"
Large urbanized area that is the dominant employment and population center for a large, usually multi-county, region. Ann Arbor, for example, is the central city for its metropolitan area which includes Lenawee, Livingston, and Washtenaw counties. This differs from the Central Business District, or CBD, which represents an individual city's commercial center, often its downtown.
The portion of Akhetaten containing the Royal Palace, the so-called Window of Appearance, the offices and harem, etc. Local info: Central City, Akhetaten. Links: Akhetaten.
Usually one or more legally incorporated cities within the Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) that is significantly large by itself or large relative to the largest city in the MSA. Additional criteria for being classified as a "Central City" include having at least 75 jobs for each 100 employed residents and having at least 40 percent of the resident workers employed within the city limits. Every MSA has at least one central city, usually the largest city. Central cities commonly are regarded as relatively large communities with denser population and a higher concentration of economic activities than the outlying or suburban areas of the MSA. "Outside Central City" are those parts of the MSA not designated as central city.