Definitions for "Cellulose"
The substance which constitutes the essential part of the solid framework of plants, of ordinary wood, cotton, linen, paper, etc. It is also found to a slight extent in certain animals, as the tunicates. It is a carbohydrate, (C6H10O5)n, isomeric with starch, and is convertible into starches and sugars by the action of heat and acids. When pure, it is a white amorphous mass. See Starch, Granulose, Lignin.
component of plant cell walls that is not digestible by most animals (lignin)
The preponderant and essential constituent of all vegetable tissues and fibres. Basic in the textile and paper making industries. Three types exist in alpha-cellulose, beta-cellulose and gamma-cellulose. Material used in filter medium is bound by impregnation, usually a phenolic resin. Process of manufacture controls the basic weight and pore size to specification. Filter paper, when impregnated with other properties, produces an excellent hydrophobic membrane which is non-water wetting and is used in the second stage of two stage filtration separation equipment. Ideal cellulose material provides for a variety of filtration efficiencies, low initial pressure drop, high wet strength and solids retention.
Structural material giving strength to wood cells
Microcrystalline ingredient in tablet coatings and capsules.
One of the most commonly used tablet and capsule excipients. A white, odorless, tasteless powder derived from wood pulp. Functions as an adsorbent, a suspending agent, a diluent, and a tablet disintegrant. Also known as microcrystalline cellulose.
(Avicel® cellulose gel, MethocelTM, Solka-Floc®) Various forms are used. One is a non-caloric purified form of cellulose ground to microparticles which, when dispersed, form a network of particles with mouthfeel and flow properties similar to fat. Cellulose can replace some or all of the fat in dairy-type products, sauces, frozen desserts and salad dressings.
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Ischemia Relapse
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Natural polymer or resin from cottonseed oil to make paint coatings.
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Similar to a starch, but organized in a mirror aspect; cellulose cannot be broken down by starch enzymes, and vice versa.
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Hard to break down chemical.
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Consisting of, or containing, cells.