Definitions for "Cellular Phone"
Another name for a mobile phone, referring to the cell-based network of mobile network coverage. It's more commonly used in the USA.
a wireless radiotelephone which is capable of communicating within a cellular network.
a hand-held mobile radiotelephone for use in an area divided into small sections (cells), each with its own short-range transmitter/receiver
A two-way radio system allowing connection to the landline telephone network. Uses a huge number of base stations organised in a cellular layout. 98% of the population in the UK is within range of this system although actual land area covered is closer to 75%. Coverage in lightly populated areas is poor. Maximum range from a base station is absolute at 35km.
a duplex system, so it uses one frequency for talking and a separate frequency for listening
a type of two-way radio that gives people the freedom to communicate from any destination around the globe, unaffected by the copper wire
an indispensable tool for helping you stay in touch with your organization
a great form of communication and can be your greatest ally in times of need
a permissible entity, yielding great benefits
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a good example of a device with a simple interface which performs complex audio (and recently video) processing tasks using sensor data (i
a headset jack, for driving in the car or multi-tasking
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an easy target of theft
a "must" for convenience, security and ease of mind for parents
an excellent security investment
a communication device that may be aid in the saving of lives and
a communications tool and, increasingly, an entertainment device
a very personal device," he said
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a luxury item, not a utility
a responsibility and a privilege
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a must have in the event of an emergency
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a good idea but do not always rely on it working when you need it
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a better alternative