Definitions for "CELLular"
Conway's "Game of Life" for mobile devices. An implementation of cellular automata - think of it as a fish tank for geeks!
A cellulary Automata.
pertaining to or using a system of transmission of telephone signals by radio, in which areas are divided into geographical parts (cells), each of which is served by a transmitter whose range is limited to that region, thus permitting a single transmission frequency to be used simulataneously in different parts of the same area. Cellular telephones are typically small and battery powered, allowing a subscriber with such a telephone to carry the telephone in a pocket or purse, over the entire area served, and to be contacted by a single telephone number. The system became widespread and popular in the 1980's and 1990's; as, cellular telephones sometimes lose their link unpredictably.
Also referred as "honeycomb", this type of shade has two or more sheets of fabric combined to form chambers within the layers. Provides great insulation.
Refers to conductor compounds having expanded plastic compounds. Cellular insulations differ from that of solid insulation by the dispersion of small gaseous cells uniformly distributed throughout the solid plastic resin matrix during the extrusion or insulating process. Foam and foam/skin conductor insulations were commercially developed by this process.
where the outermost layer of the cap (cuticle) is made up of spherical cells
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anything that involves the structural and functional properties of any type of living cells; in the brain this can refer to neurons, glia, or blood cells.
relating to cells; "cellular walls"; "cellular physiology"
Relating to small parts or groups.
Consisting of, or containing, cells; of or pertaining to a cell or cells.
Pertaining to cells. Typically used when referring to objects or events within a cell.
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porous; containing cavities.
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Composed of cells. Process occurring between or within cells.
involving living cells: relating to or consisting of living cells.