Definitions for "Cell phone"
a convenience, and everyone should have the opportunity
a great convenience, but for me it's just that and no more
a handy gadget, but during a blizzard no one can get to you anyway
abbreviation for "cellular telephone" or "cellular phone"; a mobile, wireless phone that does not physically connect with a phone cable.
call up by using a cellular phone; "If the train is late, I will cell phone you"
a device used for mobile communications
a good emergency plan
a great tool in an emergency situation
a MUST in case of car breakdowns and medical emergencies
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a luxury and the money is better spent paying off the debt
a luxury item I can do without
a must, walkie talkies even better
a lifesaver on the farm," said Chuck Schwab, Iowa State University Extension safety specialist
a portable telephone which receives or makes calls through a Cell site, or transmitting tower
a radio telephone, that may be used wherever "cell" coverage is provided
a radio that can't match the consistent quality or reliability of a landline connection
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a good thing, if you are willing to call someone and if you are willing to answer
a pretty personal thing between what you have stored in it and what you've done to it, and yes you can get one cheap on e-bay or stealitback
a relatively new thing in the world
Keywords:  tommorow, portal, greater
a portal to a greater tommorow
a silly toy for teenagers and it never stopped any of the above-mentioned "disasters"
Keywords:  worthwhile, teen, purchase, home
a worthwhile purchase for the teen who is not often at home
a good alternative, but nowhere near a wireline connection
Keywords:  savior, reception, bad, turn, meetings
a savior, but many people turn them off during meetings or in areas with bad reception
Keywords:  constantl, carry, item, people
an item that most people carry constantl
a source of electromagnetic interference (EMI)
a very important part of every highschool students life
Keywords:  multipoint, example, system
an example of a multipoint system
Keywords:  steal, harder, you're, lot, wearing
a lot harder to steal -- especially when you're wearing it
Keywords:  necessity, age, day
a necessity in this day and age
Keywords:  magic, stick
a magic stick
Keywords:  rescue, tool, great, carry, helpful
a great tool but not all rescue assets carry them
a very helpful tool
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Busting your load in a girl's ear while she sucks on your balls.
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The mind. Also can denote the spirit or soul.
a really big plus here or voice mail, but be careful, the girls can be very persistant
The device interfacing with a carrier's network to provide voice and/or data service to the subscriber.
Keywords:  hazard, definite
a definite hazard
Keywords:  sensitive, small
a small, but sensitive
Keywords:  extra, equipment, piece
an extra piece of equipment
Keywords:  exposure, needs, limited, item, work
a personal item and needs to be kept to limited exposure at work
a major purchase because the buyer becomes locked into a one year or two year contract
Keywords:  position
a must for this position
Keywords:  way, type, two
a type of two-way
a must for me