Definitions for "Cell"
The space between the ribs of a vaulted roof.
A jar of vessel, or a division of a compound vessel, for holding the exciting fluid of a battery.
One of the minute elementary structures, of which the greater part of the various tissues and organs of animals and plants are composed.
In honeycomb core, a cell is a single honeycomb unit, usually in a hexagonal shape.
A single location in a grid in a spreadsheet.
A space for a single numerical result in a table, at a row-column intersection.
The area of radio range or coverage in which the wireless devices can communicate with the base station. The size of the cell depends upon the speed of the transmission, the type of antenna used, and the physical environment, as well as other factors.
The area covered by a cellular base station. A cell site may sectorise its antennas to service several cells from one locationCell siteThe facility housing the transmitters/receivers, the antennas and associated equipment Cell splitting
A geographic area within a cellular phone system, defined by the radio coverage of one base station.
The area in a landfill where several layers of solid waste are deposited each day. At the end of the day, the layers are covered with soil and a cell is formed. Cells are built side by side and on top of one another until the landfill is completely filled.
In solid waste disposal, one of a series of holes in a landfill where waste is dumped, compacted, and covered with layers of dirt.
the basic unit by which a landfill is developed. It is the general area where incoming waste is tipped, spread, compacted, and covered.
Any small cavity, or hollow place.
An imaginary frame surrounding a character whose width equals the set width and whose height equals the line spacing of the font.
A cavity of an anther or ovary.
A small engraved or etched depression on an anilox roll that carries the ink to the plate.
In gravure printing, the small etched depression (representing one halftone dot) in the surface of the gravure cylinder that carries the ink.
Indentation in the surface of a gravure cylinder that holds the ink.
Data point defined by one member of each dimension of a multidimensional structure. Most potential cells in multidimensional structures are empty, leading to ‘sparse’ storage.
A piece of data defined by its position in each dimension. The cells of a hypercube can be empty or full. When a large number of cells are empty the data is said to be "sparse".
A single data value of an expression. In a dimensioned expression, a cell is identified by one value from each of the dimensions of the expression. For example, if you have a variable with the dimensions MONTH and DISTRICT, then each combination of a month and a district identifies a separate cell of that variable. See also dimension, variable.
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A very small and close apartment, as in a prison or in a monastery or convent; the hut of a hermit.
A small religious house attached to a monastery or convent.
A grouping of WebSphere nodes into a single adminstrative domain.
One frame of animation, usually a single cartoon or picture.
In CESLab, the term "cell" refers not to microscopic biological cells, but to the small cubes (finite elements) which together comprise the modelled heart. Each CESLab cell thus represents a small group of biological cells, and captures their behavior and interactions with other simulated cells.
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A grouping of paddock subdivisions used with a particular set or class of animals. During droughts, several cells and their animals may be merged and operated as one large cell and herd for rationing purposes.
Cell is a character in the manga Dragon Ball and the animes Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. He is the creation of Doctor Gero, designed to have all the abilities of the greatest fighters known, including cells from Son Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, Nappa, Freeza, and King ColdIn the anime only, he states his DNA also includes samples from Tenshinhan, Nappa, and others.. Dr.
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see JCS Publication 1-02. cen center CEWI combat electronic warfare intelligence CFA covering force area CG commanding general cGy centigray cGyph centigrays per hour ch chaplain
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All rechargeable cells provide a nominal fixed voltage (for NiCad, NiMH this is 1.2V). Cells are connected together into PACKS to provide the voltage required for the task in hand
A source or power and voltage to a electron(s).
Abbreviated name for HVSys Cell, the Cockroft-Walton style PMT base used to generate and monitor the PMT high voltages in the TOFp Tray.
Cell is a novel published by Stephen King in January 2006.
Cell is a biweekly peer-reviewed scientific journal which publishes novel research in any area of experimental biology that is significant outside its field. Cell is a well-regarded journal and it had a 2005 Impact Factor of 29.431, which makes it one of the most cited scientific journals. Cell is published by Cell Press a division of Elsevier.
Cell is a fictional mutant character in the Marvel Comics Universe. His first appearance was in Morlocks #1, created by Geoff Johns and Shawn Martinbrough.
A monastic enclave, which is dependent on its mother house.
room or dwelling place of a monastic.
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Hybridoma Reductase
Aka Test cell or version. A segment of your list that receives different treatment specifically to see how it responds versus the control (regular treatment.)
Alexandre Scheffer aka Cell is a downtempo/chillout/ambient artist from Paris, France
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contains one cell of a table.
A Cell is a SdzBean that represents a domain object (DO). It can contain lookups to other cells. Data, in the form of a list of DOs, is read out of a database and placed into a cell. This usually occurs as part of a data flow trigger. The principal cell is not looked up by any other cells. (This is equivalent to saying that other cells do not contain lookups to it - it is autonomous). Each node has only one principal cell.
The on board storage space for one shipping container on a ship.
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Cell were a New York-based alternative rock/grunge band, formed in the early nineties and split c.1995. They were signed to Geffen.
A small portion of a video frame capable of being obscured, or 'fuzzed' to block clear interpretation.
The building blocks of an Organ.
building block of plants and animals
in a raster representation, a pixel or repeated regular element
A rectangular area in Raster space, in which a single pixel value is filled.
A semi-conductor device that converts light directly into dc electricity.
A thin circular or rectangluar wafer of semiconductor that is doped with impurity atoms to produce a p-n junction and metallized for electrical contacts. A finished cell, fabricated out of silicon, produces approximately 0.6V and 2.5A (for a 10 cm diameter wafer).
A manufacturing layout that arranges workstations performing the different functions required to produce a product or subassembly in the same, often U-shaped area, rather that arranging machines by similar functions. Operators are usually trained to perform and complete all cell manufacturing functions.
A transistor-level version of an ASIC function. Cells are usually the simplest level at which gate array and standard cell ASIC designers design.
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To place or inclose in a cell.
e+CELL technology incorported into the sole of the boot, offering shock absorption and stability even on the most unforgiving pitches.
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See subpixel.
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one section of a table in a web page. extention – the 3 or 4 letter designation at the end of a file (“. htm”, “.html”, “.txt”, “.doc”) that tells you what program can be used to edit the file. gozips – the UA server that hosts personal web pages, first word in the URL for your personal web pages. gif – graphics interface format, a format that graphics and pictures can be saved to for adding pictures to webpages generally less space consuming than a *.jpg format.
A section of a table.
A cell within a table.
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Intestine Psychotherapy
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in the mesems, a chamber of the ovary.
Broadcast Center – Celltick's Cell Broadcast Center (CBC) is the fastest and most cost-effective way to send messages to millions of mobile phone users. By delivering messages to the cells rather than to each handset separately, Celltick's CBC can instantly reach every subscriber on the network without using extra bandwidth. Also allows for location-based promotions and messages to customer segments within cells.
sometimes used to describe the graphic that appears above the host’s shoulder during an intro in a newscast.
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Synonym for Photocell. Click
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Square in a Sudoku puzzle that can hold a digit
A cushioning design used by Puma in their athletic shoes.
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see photovoltaic cell
a vertical circulation of the atmosphere in which warm air rises and cools, flows laterally at high levels, then descends. In the Hadley cell, air rises over the heat equator, flows toward the poles and descends after travelling about 25o of latitude.
In certain twentieth-century compositions,a brief, recurring musical figure that does not undergo traditional motivic development.
The vertical plane of doffs on a pallet. A pallet may be constructed for 4- or 12-end run-out depending on application.
A monatic dependency of a religious house
Defined in our case as an accumulator of Orgone energy.
An energy source providing an electrical potential difference between its two terminals such that a current* can flow between them. A cell's energy is stored internally as chemicals that react with each other. Click here to go back to where you were.
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a fixed sized packet
A fixed-length packet.
A packet of information that’s fixed in size, containing a header that holds path information used to relay it through switching devices or networks.
Housed in the International House, this short term, intensive English language program services students who come to Maryville College from all over the world.
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This is where you spend the rest of your life when your boss has made you spend several nights at the office until a large project is finished. The cell will have bars if you are a type A personality, and will be padded if you are type B.
Worksheets in the software program Microsoft Excel are divided into cells. The cell with the dark lines around it is the active cell.
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Square canopies are made up of pressurized cells, usually seven or nine. Each cell consists of a load bearing rib at each side to which the suspension lines are attached. A third, non load bearing rib runs down the middle of the cell. The cell is pressurized through the open mouth at the front and also through cross ports in the ribs. Adjacent cells share load bearing ribs.
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The whole of the lower surface of a plane and the whole of the top surface of the plane above it, with the struts and wires holding them together
A group of character elements that belong to the same composed character. Also called display cell.
In geometry, a cell is a three-dimensional element that is part of a higher-dimensional object.
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Lobe Screening
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Insulin Stroke
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A tiny area within the memory array that actually stores the bit in the form of an electrical charge.
in general, an element position in an array. Specifically, one of four element positions in the separator array for BIRD.
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A cell is a part of a telescope system which mounts a lens or mirror to the telescope.
an arrangement of people, machines, materials and equipment--with the processing steps placed right next to each other in sequential order--through which parts are processed in a continuous flow. The most common cell layout is a U shape.
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In music a cell is similar to a figure or motif.
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The white cells fight off bacteria and viruses.
An area in which data is entered.
An area on the ground from which radiation is emitted or reflected.
An area where an RF transmission may be received at an acceptable level.
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A cell is an arrangement of bus sections parallel to gas flow. Note: Number of cells wide times number of fields deep equals the total number of bus sections.
one of the 42 locations on the board where stones can eventually be placed.
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No-answer transfer Talk time
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Sub-portion of Finger Pattern.
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The region of space associated with a node.
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Protocol that allows users to copy files between their local system and any system they can reach on the network or internet.
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cellpadding cellspace
Same as Cella.