Definitions for "Cel"
A single image in an animation sequence
is a hand drawn clear material representing a single animation frame. The material is usually celluose or Mylar.
(sometimes spelled cell) – Piece of acetate onto which a character is xeroxed or hand-inked, then painted with special cel paint. Cels are filmed on top of painted backgrounds to create the moving images you see on screen. Many studios, including Cosgrove Hall, have phased out cels in favour of computer animation. This means their value is increasing as fewer and fewer are produced.
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Intel Celeron
A specially created collectable incorporating an original piece of 35mm film encased within a 7 1/2" x 2 3/4" lucite display case.
Cel is an object-oriented prototype-based programming language based on Self and Smalltalk. As of 2004 it is no longer being supported or developed. The author has referred people interested in Cel to the similar Io programming language.
Customer Engagement Lifecycle (SAP term)
Acronym Centre for Excellence in Leadership - Launched in October 2003 as a key national agency within the Success for All initiative, the CEL is responsible for helping to enhance and support leadership and management across the learning and skills sector.
cancer effects level
cancer evaluation level
Cancer Effect Level - The lowest dose of chemical in a study, or group of studies, that produces significant increases in the incidence of cancer (or tumors).
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Check Engine Light.