Definitions for "CDC"
Centers for Disease and Control
Climate Diagnostics Center
Clothing Distribution Center
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acronym for "Cul de Canard" which literally translates to "butt of the duck". Used both to refer to the feathers from the area around the oil gland of a duck and also to the flies tied with these feathers. The feathers from this area are very wispy and impregnated with natural oils making them extremely waterproof.
Stands for the French words that mean “butt of the duck.” CDC feathers come from the rear end of the duck where the highly buoyant preen oil is discharged from a gland. In recent years fly tiers have found many creative uses for these feathers. CDC feathers are remarkably buoyant by themselves and should only be treated with a powdered form of floatant.
Known as "Cul de Canard" which translates to "butt of the duck." Anything but mere butt feathers, these feathers are very wispy and contain oils that make them waterproof. Excellent material for tying
Caisse des Dé pô ts et Consignations
Caisse des Depots et Consignations
Comprehensive Development Class (a self-contained special education classroom).
Collection Development Committee (UC)
Certified Development Company. A Certified Development Company is a nonprofit corporation set up to contribute to the economic development of its community. CDCs work with the SBA and private-sector lenders to provide financing to small businesses. There are about 270 CDCs nationwide. Each CDC covers a specific geographic area
The Connected Device Configuration (CDC) is a specification for a J2ME configuration. Conceptually, CDC deals with devices with more memory and processing power than CLDC; it is for devices with an always-on network connection and a minimum of 2 MB of memory available for the Java system.
Connected Device Configuration - A Java ME Configuration that provides the basis for devices that have a sufficient 32-bit microprocessor and ample memory.
Connected Device Configuration - this is the larger of the two configurations currently available for J2ME. CDC is targeted toward high-end handheld devices and set-top boxes.
Combat Development Command
Cancer Detection Centre
Combat Direction Centre
A white hat extremist group. Widely known for their Back Orfice Trojan. Led by GrandMaster Ratt'
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Covert Data Collection, or gathering information while maintaining secrecy. Compare with ODC (Overt Data Collection).
Change Data Capture
Central Data Capture, the process of settling payment card transactions, usually at the end of the day, in which the financial transactions are finalized and the merchant financial institutions receive payment from the card issuing financial institutions. Also called settlement.
Chauufeur Driven Car - the term used to describe the free ground transfers that qualifying Upper Class flights get. Usually called limo transfers, but changed to CDC after some customers expected an actual limo to pick them up! [Submitted by RicahrdMannion
Continous Damping Control
Continuous Damping Control
Control Data Corporation
Caribbean Defense Command
Community Defense Counsel, an Alliance Defense Fund Ministry
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Canadian Dairy Commission
Certified Development Company. A state or local authority that assembles funds from various public and private sources into financial packages for capital improvements to existing businesses. [go back to glossary list
Indicates that the individual so identified is a Certified Door Consultant and member of the Door and Hardware Institute.
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Collision Deformation Scale
California Department of Corrections