Definitions for "CCF"
One hundred cubic feet. A unit of water; one cf equals 748 gallons.
An abbreviation for one hundred cubic feet. A unit of natural gas consumption. Equivalent to 100,000 Btu's (105.5 MJ) of energy or heat.
100 cubic feet.
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Consumer Consultative Forum A forum convened by the ACA to consult with consumers and their representatives about communications issues.
Citizens Constitutional Forum. Fiji human rights NGO . Human Rights
Constitutional Centenary Foundation
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IBM Common Connector Framework. An architecture that defines a standard way for a Java program to interact with an application server such as CICS, IMS or SAP. CCF provides a client API.
Common Country Cooperation Framework
Country Cooperation Framework ( UNDP)
Chinese Communist Forces. Elements of the Chinese People's Liberation Army moved into Korea Oct. 4, 1950.
Combined Cadet Force
CAROTID CAVERNOUS FISTULA. An abnormal communication between the internal and external portions of the carotid arteries or any of their branches and the cavernous sinus.
Current Calibration File Chandra Chandra X-Ray Observatory
Current crest factor. Defined as the peak current divided by the root-mean-square (rms) current of a lamp. Current crest factor ranges from 1 to infinity. ANSI requires current crest factor to be less than 1.7. Lamp manufacturers usually will not warranty their lamps when operated on a ballast having a current crest factor greater than 1.7.
Compassion Capital Fund (CCF)
capital construction fund; a tax benefit for operators of u.s.-built, u.s.-flag ships in the u.s. foreign, great lakes, or noncontiguous domestic trades, by which taxes may be deferred on income deposited in a fund to be used for the replacement of vessels.
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First Sergeant, First Shirt
Common cause failure
Congestive cardiac failure
Christian Children s Fund
Council on Children and Families
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Custody and control form
Civil Contractors Federation
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Claim Correction Form
Advanced Call Center Solutions of the Future
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Channel control function.
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Call Control Function