Definitions for "CCD"
Charged Couple Device; this is the internal "sensor" that most consumer digital cameras use to capture the image.
The light-sensitive imaging microchip found in digital security cameras.
Charged Coupled Device. A memory device used in hand held bar code reader. CCD scanners use a light technology to read bar codes.
Cash Concentration or Disbursement, a credit or debit entry initiated by an organization to fund another account.
Cash Concentration and Disbursement, an ACH transaction format used by organizations wanting to consolidate funds from disparate accounts into one central account.
An SEC code (see SEC Codes for a definition) that indicates a credit to or a debit from a corporate (business) account.
Coalition for Citizens with Disabilities. A group of advocacy and provider organizations which promote public policies on behalf of citizens with various disabilities.
Council of Canadians with Disabilities (formerly COPOH)
Consortium of Citizens with Disabilities
Centros Comunitarios Digitales
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The "carbonate compensation depth" below which calcite (and other carbonates) dissolves, so calcareous ooze does not form on sea floors. Dissolution is due to the combination of high pressure (at depth) and low temperatures. Today, it is at about 4000m in the Atlantic, and only 500m in the colder Antarctica water.
Collaborative Coursware Development
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Cipher Text Custom Ringtones
Census Collection District. The Census Collection District is the smallest geographic area defined in the Australian Standard Geographical Classification. There is an average of 225 dwellings in each CCD.
Continuously Controlled Damping
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Cattle Control Document
Combat Command D, in French armored division
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combustion chamber deposits
Combined Chemical Dictionary
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Common Core of Data
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Contract Completion Date
Configuration Control Decision
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Clear Channel Data