Definitions for "cbs "
cbs is a client/server system for allowing non-root processes to bind to local ports below port
Cell Broadcast short message Service
Columbia Broadcasting System, an American television and radio network.
Complete basis set. Indicates that some method of basis set extrapolation was applied in an attempt to determine the result that would have been obtained using an infinitely large basis set. The two major extrapolation methods are (1) repeating the calculation with increasingly large basis sets and making an empirical extrapolation, and (2) using analytical formulas that are correct to second-order. See the chapters by Martin and by Petersson in this book.
Complete Basis Set of orbitals.
Cost basis statement. An annual statement issued by Franklin Templeton that reports cost basis and capital gain or loss on fund shares sold or exchanged during the tax year using the Average Basis-Single Category method.
Bless This House Dave's World Central Park West Courthouse
Central Library System
The Netherlands Central Bureau for Statistics.
Confraternity of Birthist Slanderers. A communications network dedicated to slandering pro-life Americans.
Community Based Services
Canadian Biotechnology Strategy Policy orientation that defines the federal governmentis role in managing the biotechnology industry and the development and use of biotechnology in Canada.
Community benefit society. Community benefit societies were formally known as charitable industrial and provident societies (see IPS definition below).
Cocoa Butter Substitute. A specially engineered fat designed to replace or extend the cocoa butter (Typically in confectionery applications).Cocoa butter substitute can refer to any number of products depending upon the classification scheme selected. However, regardless of the scheme selected, classification typically hinges upon dominant properties of the source oils present. .
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Cost Breakdown StyuctureƒRƒXƒg\¬} ‰ü‘PƒvƒƒWƒFƒNƒgŠˆ“®‚ðŽÀŽ{‚·‚éê‡‚ÉŽg‚¤ƒc[ƒ‹‚ŁA‚·‚ׂẴRƒXƒg‚ðô‚¢o‚µA‚»‚̍\¬‚ð}‚É•\‚µ‚1/2‚à‚́B
Consortial Borrowing Software
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Commercial Bank of Syria
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WMO Commission for Basic Systems.
committed burst size. The maximum amount of data (in bits) that a Frame Relay internetwork is committed to accept and transmit at the committed information rate.
Ministry for Consumer and Business Services
Custom Business Solutions
Core Business System
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the abbreviation for cloth both sides, used to describe a sheet consisting of a ply of fabric on each surface with a layer of rubber between them.
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Characters on Both Evening Shade
chemical/biological sampling