Definitions for "CBR"
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A type of traffic that requires a continuous, specific amount of bandwidth over the ATM network (e.g., digital information such as video and digitized voice).
Service type that supports real-time applications with a fixed bandwidth. These applications, such as a video stream, produce data at regular intervals. The user can specify how much bandwidth that he wishes to reserve.
An ATM service category which supports a constant or guaranteed rate to transport services such as video or voice as well as circuit emulation which requires rigorous timing control and performance parameters.
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See cosmic background radiation.
cosmic background radiation. The microwave radiation coming from all directions that is believed to be the red-shifted glow of the Big Bang.
(cosmology) the cooled remnant of the hot big bang that fills the entire universe and can be observed today with an average temperature of about 2.725 kelvin
Chemical Biological or Radiological
Chemical, Biological and Radiological
Chemical, Biological, Radiological. The hardened SRMSC structures had facilities to prevent contamination by these biohazards while "buttoned up" during a nuclear attack.
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California bearing ratio. The load-supporting capacity of a soil as compared to that of a standard crushed limestone, expressed as a ratio. First standardized in California. A soil having a CBR of 16 supports 16 percent of the load that would be supported by stan dard crushed limestone, per unit area, with the same degree of distortion.
California Bearing Ratio. A test used to estimate the supporting value of the subgrade or soil.
California Bearing Ratio. A standardized soils test defined as the ratio of: (1) the force per unit area required to penetrate a soil mass with a 3 in. sq. (19 cm sq.) circular piston (approximately 2 in. (51 mm) diameter) at the rate of 0.05 in. (1.3 mm)/min, to (2) that required for corresponding penetration of a standard material. The ratio is usually determined at 0.1in. (2.5 mm) penetration, although other penetrations are sometimes used. See ASTM D 1883.
CBR is a Canadian radio station, broadcasting at 1010 AM in Calgary, Alberta. It broadcasts the programming of the CBC Radio One network.
Certificate of Botanical Recognition. An AAOS award given only once to an orchid species when it is first displayed in bloom.
Customer Billing Record. The CBR is the mechanism that GSA uses to establish rent billing and is created through an Occupancy Agreement.
Client Billing Record
Clean Bill Receivable. A bill receivable with no accompanying shipping documents. The term is more often used for non-trade bills such as travellers cheques.
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CCIR CCIR 468-weighting
Cocoa Butter Replacer. A specially engineered fat designed to replace or extend cocoa butter (typically in confectionery applications). Depending upon compatibility with cocoa butter, replacers are sometimes divided into partial and complete.
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(CAS Before RAS)- a fast refresh technique in which the DRAM keeps track of the next row it needs to refresh, thus simplifying what a system would have to do to refresh the part.
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C Bus bridge (internal bus in SuperH CPU core) SuperH
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captive bead ring
Used to characterize the strength of an unbound aggregate base
Certified Buyers Representative
Certified Buyer Representative
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case-based reasoner
case-based reasoning
Community Based Rehabilitation
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Central Board of Revenue
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Credit Bureau Report
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Center for Business Research