Definitions for "CBO"
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Collateralized Bond Obligation. An investment-grade bond backed by a large,...
Collateralised Bond Obligation. A collateralised bond obligation (CBO) is an investment-grade bond backed by a pool of junk bonds. This sounds a bit odd because junk (otherwise known as high yield) bonds are, by definition, not investment grade. However, because a CBO pools several types of credit quality bonds together it offers enough diversification to be "investment grade". CBOs are similar in structure to a collateralised mortgage obligation (CMO), but different in that CBOs represent different levels of credit risk, whereas CMOs represent different types of maturity.
a CDO backed by or referenced to corporate bonds
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Cost-Based Optimizer. An SQL Query optimizer that uses data statistics to identify the query plan with the lowest execution cost. The cost is based on the number of rows in a table, index efficiency, etc. All applications should be converted to use CBO, as RBO will not be available in Oracle 10 and above.
Cost-based optimizer. Generates a set of potential execution plans for SQL statements, estimates the cost of each plan, calls the plan generator to generate the plan, compares the costs, and chooses the plan with the lowest cost. This approach is used when the data dictionary has statistics for at least one of the tables accessed by the SQL statements. The CBO is made up of the query transformer, the estimator, and the plan generator.
See Cost Based Optimizer.
Kwaliteitsinstituut voor de Gezondheidszorg (Dutch Institute for Health Care Improvement)
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Neoprene insulated brewery cord.
An organization which provides services to locally defined populations, which may or may not include populations infected with or affected by HIV disease.
Community Based Organization. Organizations that assist immigrants who are new to the United States or who are going through the naturalization process. Many CBOs will help you complete your application and guide you through the naturalization process. CBOs may charge a fee or offer their services free of charge.
abbreviation, see community-based organization.
Consolidated Bottling Operation. bottler in which the Company holds a controlling interest. The bottler's financial results are consolidated into the Company's financial statements.
Congressional Budget Office
chief business officer