Definitions for "CBM "
Curriculum Based Measurement. A set of procedures for repeatedly measuring and evaluating a student's progress over time and which involves standard academic curricular tasks, analysis of learning trends and allows for selection of the most effective and appropriate instruction.
Confidence-Bearing Measures
Confidence-Building Measures
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Cubic Meter (35.314 cubic Feet = 1 CBM).
Abbreviation for "Cubic Meter."
Cubic meter = (1cbm = 35.32 cft)
Centro di Biomedicina Molecolare
CBM, Carthag Business Module, is a PHP 5 distributed component architecture for the development and deployment of component-based business applications. CBM components address critical business functions as objectified business logic, featuring encapsulation of business logic into business objects, and an object to relational mapping persistence system.
Community-Based Model
component business model. An enterprise model consisting of autonomous and manageable components. Each component is a grouping of the people, technology, and resources that deliver specific business value and potentially are able to operate independently. This helps decision-makers to "disentangle" the organization, cutting through historical boundaries arising along organizational, product, channel, geography, and application lines. It is an end-to-end way of looking at the business through all the layers—not just the business layer but the application layer and IT infrastructure, too. The consolidated view of all the layers is the foundation for recommendations concerning the enterprise.
Chlorobromomethane or Bromochloromethane. See BCM.
Certified Ballast Manufacturers Association; the CBM label indicates that the ballast has been tested to meet ANSI specifications.
Abbreviation for Certified Ballast Manufacturers Association.
Cement Bound Material. A mixture of cement and soil or aggregate, weaker than pavement material they are often used in the roadbase.
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Contra body movement
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Coal Bed Methane
cellulose-binding molecule, carbohydrate-binding module
Cassette book machine, used by talking book readers