Definitions for "CBC"
the complete blood count; a clinical test which counts the number of white and red blood cells and the number of platelets in one cubic milimeter of blood.
includes tests of hemoglobin, hematocrit, white blood count, and differential. Test can be done by drawing blood from a vein or by pricking the finger.
Common Bird Census. A method used for estimating bird populations in woodland and on farms. Bird watchers visit a site regularly during the breeding season, recording every contact with a bird on a large scale visit map.
Cipher block chaining (see also DES). A mode used to chain a feedback mechanism, which essentially means the previous block is used to modify the encryption of the next block.
cipher block chaining. Block cipher mode that combines the previous block of ciphertext with the current block of plaintext before encrypting it. Very widely used.
Cipher Block Chaining Mode. Operation mode that consists of combining each block of plain message with the anteriorly ciphered block using XOR. This method requires an initialization vector.
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, city?, Canada
Canadian Broadcasting Corp., a federal Crown corporation that runs a national radio and television service in English, French (Radio-Canada) and several native languages in the North as well as in various languages in its international short-wave radio service.
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Founded in 1936 out of a railway radio network, the old Canadian National Radio Network, it grew to six networks: a French and an English radio and stereo (classical and arts) network, an English television network, and a French television network. Funded by the federal government, with ad revenue for television only, the CBC has received steady annual cutbacks to the point where local programming in radio and TV may disappear entirely, with only network shows capable of surviving.
Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos Compañía Brasilera de Cartuchos
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Congleton Borough Council
Commercial Buildings Council, an advisory group to LBNL that will serve as the PAC for this contract
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Congé de Bilan de Compétences (Skills audit leave)
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Capitol Bus Company (Capitol Trailways)
Community Business Center
Certified Business Communicator; a professional certification administered by the Business Marketing Association and reflecting the highest standards of professionalism and competence in the field of business marketing communications.
Certified Business Counselor
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Congressional Black Caucus
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Concrete box culvert
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Customer Barcode.
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Columbia Basin College
Central Bank of China
Central Buying Consortium
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Cornering Brake Control
Color Capacity Building Committee