Definitions for "Cave"
A hollow place in the earth, either natural or artificial; a subterraneous cavity; a cavern; a den.
Any hollow place, or part; a cavity.
To make hollow; to scoop out.
Computer Augmented Visualization Environment, a room or chamber with multiple displays (often six or more projectors or rear-projection screens) used to create an immersive "virtual reality" environment
a living, but alien environment where humans are only transient visitors
an enclosed room fitted with projection displays
An area enclosed on three sides by bricks, having only one entrance. Idiots go here to hide.
a good option, but move as far as possible from its entrance
a mysterious place to hide out but the top of the this waterfall is also a fun place to hang out
To fall in or down; as, the sand bank caved. Hence (Slang), to retreat from a position; to give way; to yield in a disputed matter.
A recurrent feature in the symbolic landscape of world mythology, often associated with either a place of withdrawal and retreat or a site of encounter with a monstrous being--in either case suggestive of a descent into the unconscious.
Cave is a Japanese video game company, known in the West primarily for its incredibly manic shoot-'em-ups. Cave remains one of the most active makers of arcade shoot-'em-ups in the Japanese market. The company was formed primarily from the remains of Toaplan, and several of their early games are considered to be spiritual successors to prior Toaplan works, in particular Truxton and Batsugun.
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a box, measuring about three meters on all sides, installed inside a larger, dark room
a dark, cramped (especially in PA), usually damp, and almost always dirty hole in the ground
a dark place, similar to the present condition of America
A coalition or group of seceders from a political party, as from the Liberal party in England in 1866. See Adullam, Cave of, in the Dictionary of Noted Names in Fiction.
a necessisty for the proper concoction of these dishes
a person standing and bending over the dog, acting dominant by putting the dog in a pocket from underneath
a pocket for a bear, a breath is a pocket full
a storage area underneath a building but is more often used for storing wine
An obstacle dream. If you found your way out, you can expect eventually to overcome your difficulties; but if you failed to get out, you must prepare for an escalation of your worries for a rather long period.
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Caves or sheds are projection-based virtual reality systems which use a system of display screens surrounding viewers to fill their field of vision.
Acronym for Citizens Against Virtually Everything, extreme NIMBY interests against any and all forms of new development in a city, town or county.
a very classic example of this, usually leading from the surface world down to some strange netherrealm
an archetype for the mind - sleep - returning/flying/spiraling to higher consciousness
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Latin for beware.
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To dwell in a cave.
Cellular Authentication and Voice Encryption
a great use of space and with a personal touch they become an extension of the individual
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a low ordered system--in other words, it is relatively simple