Definitions for "CAVA"
Spanish sparkling wine, usually made using methode champenoise.
Spanish sparkling wine made using the Champagne method, undergoing its second fermentation in the bottle that's sold to the public. This term in Spanish may also mean the cellars used for aging wines.
Spanish sparkling wine created in the same manner as French champagne, using the method champenois. Most cavas are produced in the Penedés area of Catalonia. Grapes commonly used are macabeo, xarello, and parellada. Most cavas are aged a minimum of 18 to 24 months prior to release.
a drink extracted from a root. (The natives believe it is made and drunk in Arrochin where it grows as in Tanna).
quincho A stringed instrument from South America that sounds similar to a mandolin.
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Latin cavum = cave, hollow.
a program that works closely with Primary Care Medical Services and is part of Health Services at Columbia and the Department of Public Safety
CAVA . "Virtual students support center". This is a virtual center to help teachers support students update.