Definitions for "cationic"
A dye technique used for certain fibers (nylon, polyester) which creates deep, vibrant colors. It can produce a multi-color effect with a single dye bath.
A type of dye used on acrylic or on modified polyester or modified nylon yarn . Often used to achieve cross dyed effects: Cationic dyeable yarn is woven in a pattern with regular yarn in the same fabric. The pattern becomes visible by dyeing the fabric in 2 baths, one for each of the types of yarn.
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of or pertaining to cations; having a net positive charge; positively ionic; -- said of ions. Contrasted with anionic.
Forming positively charged ions in solution. Cationic surfactants such as quaternary ammonium chlorides are used primarily as disinfectants and fabric softeners.
A compound in which the essential portion of the molecule has a positive (+) charge.
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of or relating to cations