Definitions for "Cathode Ray Tube"
A technical name for the animated display portion of the gaming hardware. This specifically refers to a technology where an electron gun is fired inside a glass tube to illuminate phosphorescent pixels.
Technology used by many monitors that scans an electron beam Across blobs of phosphor to create an image on your screen. The beam scans many times faster than your eye Can perceive creating a "still" image to you. However, you may be Able to notice a "flicker" out of the corner of your eye on some monitors Because the refresh rate, or times the beam moves across the monitor, is slow Enough to be perceived by the more sensitive photoreceptors at the edges of your Eye. A monitor should refresh faster than 72hz in order to have this flicker go Away.
A vacuum tube display in which a beam of electrons can be controlled to form alphanumeric characters or symbols on a luminescent screen, for example, by use of a dot matrix.
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