Definitions for "Cathedral"
The principal church in a diocese, so called because in it the bishop has his official chair (Cathedra) or throne.
Pertaining to the head church of a diocese; as, a cathedral church; cathedral service.
Emanating from the chair of office, as of a pope or bishop; official; authoritative.
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The cathedral train is the most formal veil style and may also be referred to as a "royal veil." May have multiple layers or a blusher veil. Most appropriately worn with a cathedral train in a very formal setting.
The mother of all veils, the cathedral is also the most formal. Sometimes referred to as the "royal veil," this style falls three-and-a-half yards from the headpiece
(Also known as a Monarch Train); a cascading train extending six to eight feet behind the gown, for the most formal weddings.
A grain appearance characterized by a series of stacked "V" and inverted "V". This pattern is common in plain sliced (flat cut) veneer.
A grain appearance characterized by a series of stacked and inverted "V" or cathedral type of springwood (earlywood) summerwood (latewood) patterns common in plain-sliced (flat-cut) veneer ( see split heart).
The elm hybrid Cathedral is one of several clones derived from crossings of the Siberian Elm U. pumila with the Japanese Elm U. davidiana var. japonica at the University of Wisconsin. Patented in 1994, it is distinguished from its siblings Sapporo Autumn Gold and New Horizon by its large, elliptical leaves, < 14 cm long by < 8 cm broad, almost the same size and shape of those of its male parent, the Japanese Elm, spinach green when mature, turning yellow and orange in autumn. It is, however, somewhat less resistant to Dutch elm disease than its siblings, although damage is usually confined to the branch tips.
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Cathedral is a two-player abstract strategy board game based around a conflict between two factions ("dark" and "light") for territorial supremacy within the bounds of a mediæval city. The game is produced by Chrisbo I.P. Holdings Limited in New Zealand.
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There are currently 41 cathedrals in the British Isles with bells. Source: Dove. Shown below is a picture of Worcester Cathedral. Photo Courtesy of "Window on Worcester" (Tel:01905-353750) From the Worcester Cathedral home pages.
a poem in stone drawn from the Bible, the Old and New Testaments and the Apocryphal Gospels, as well as from the whole body of legend, and perhaps the lives of the saints belonging to the country in which it is raised
a question of money, of stone and mortar, while my work was, and should have been, a question of souls
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Cathedral are a heavy metal/doom metal band from Coventry, England
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Cathedral is an educational TV mini series of five episodes first broadcast in 2005 by the BBC.
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Resembling the aisles of a cathedral; as, cathedral walks.
a central place for learning and listening, a place of discussion and proactive thinking, and a place of creative center for the arts and music
a place that is especially dedicated to worship
a place which has a "cathedra" in it
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An arched part of the Great Zero.
The band leading up to the stone is arched when viewed from the side, much like the arches of a cathedral.
describes a transparent glass
This refers to how much light a type of glass transmits. Cathedral glass is very clear - most or all light can pass straight through it. Colored Cathedral glass usually appears very bright when lit from behind, but anything that is behind Cathedral glass can be seen clearly.
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(onion rings) The growth ring pattern on the end of a board.
a representation of both our longings and intentions
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Cathedral refers to any ceiling which is created by a portion of the roof of the house.
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a presence and a process
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a crystal which has a number of smaller but similar growths at the base of  the main crystal.